Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year A New Me?

January 1st? That only means one thing: New Year's Resolutions! Sure, I tend to make them every new year, and every new year I tend not to follow them...But I think its always fun to have a "New You" mentality. And who knows? Maybe this year I'll follow through on my potential self improvements!

1) Become more involved in my campus ministry. RUF is where I first discovered Christ and really found a niche at NC State. I have gained many friends by participating in Bible studies and large group worships during each semester. But until now I have remained complacent with my position in the ministry. Sure, I participate in organized events as much as I can. Sure, I meet with the campus minister from time to time. But I want to give so much more. I want to join the ministry team. I want to plan more group bonding events. I want to reach out to the younger participants and minister to them as God wills it. I feel the need to give.

2) Form a band. True, I am in an amazingly awesome a capella group and I sing with the NC State Choral, but there is a thirst I need to quench and the only way to fix it is music. I need more outlets. I want to stand on a stage with great musicians who can rock out and express myself in a way that I can't right now. Whether its a coffee house or in the brickyard...I need to perform more.

3) Workout more. Or at least on a more regular basis. I have had this goal to get abs for the longest time. I'm pretty close. I work out and when I do I work out hard. But with school, a social life, and pathetic excuses I make to not work out I find myself going to the gym sporadically. I need to make a schedule and stick to it.

4) Have a daily devotional. I'm not going to lie, I have been struggling in an apathetic state of mind towards God. I have been kind of closed off this last semester and by doing so I have really taken myself out of my Christian community. This has significantly reduced my connection with God and I now realize that a daily devotional and private prayer time is extremely vital in my walk. I need to find a devotional book or pick a book in the bible and stick to reading it every morning.

5) Blog more. I feel like I have some funny/important stuff to say about my life and the world around me. That's why I started a blog in the first place...But I honestly haven't followed through with it. Sure, I post occasional videos from youtube of songs that I dig or pictures I take, but thats not enough. Those aren't my thoughts. Hopefully I can hunker down and start sharing more.

6) Save money. This is a necessity. I'm pretty sure its a necessity for everyone though. I have an apartment that I need to have rent for soon, and a couple mission trips I plan to go on...I also want a freakin car but I don't know how soon that is going to happen..

7) Start studying for the GRE. I have recently decided that I want to go to grad school for Therapeutic Recreation and with that dream comes the nightmare of the Graduate Record Examination...(With this resolution also comes with me finding a graduate school I want to go to)

8) Learn how to throw a teapot. I'm into pottery and I can throw some pretty awesome bowls and cups. But jeez teapots are hard. I have tried several times and have yet to complete a teapot that I can be satisfied with. Maybe I need to watch a couple youtube videos and research on the internet how to do it....and then practice practice practice!

9) Make a quilt. My mom is a rocking seamstress. She can patch a pair of pants in no time and quilts like a fiend. I have my own sewing machine that sits idle in my closet. I have always wanted to make a quilt of my own...why not add it to the list?

10) Make straight A's this semester. Simple right?

Alrighty. That's all I got. Ten LITTLE steps to making myself a better me or at least a me that I can be happier with. I think I'm up for the challenge...

...Alright 2011...Show me what you got!