Monday, September 13, 2010


Blogging? Really Chelsea? A few questions: Why am I blogging? What will I write about? Who even cares? All questions I ask myself every time I even think about starting a blog. Blogging has always been a mystery to me. With so many articulate people out in the world, how could my measly thoughts put into words compare? Well...I guess its just time to bite the bullet.

My friend Caitlin has been telling me for a while that she always wants to know whats going on in my brain...I'm a pretty strange person: Ready for a crazy read?

A little about me:

  • im a smiler: all too often i find my cheeks hurting from over-use

  • im a napper: if im sleeping...just. dont. try. haha

  • im a laugher: always laughing- side splitting, ear piercing, joyus laghter

  • im a friend: always try to be the best one i can be

  • im a hugger: not one of those christian side hugs. im all in or nothing!

  • im a procrastinator: why do you think i started a blog?

  • im a sinner: redeemed by grace every time

  • im a dancer: i never said i was good...

  • im a free spirit: dont try to hold me down

  • im a fighter: never give up. never surrender (yes i did just quote Galaxy Quest..)

  • im a scardy cat: jump out at me and ill most likely pee my pants (please dont try)

  • im a lover: my ambition in life is to surround myself with people who love me for who i am

After reading that list over again I realize that I have only grazed the surface of my personality. But while reading this blog there should be some pretty good insight into my life. Im warning you, its not going to be perfect...its not always going to be funny...its not always going to be insightful...but ALWAYS real. So come and join me friends and frolic through the fields!

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